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To Preview the Setauket 12:45pm class CLICK HERE 

For NEW Families ONLY with newborns thru five yr olds - this basic class follows the recommendations of child development researchers, grouping children of a variety of ages in one class.  This approach fosters natural, family-style learning where younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones, older children learn by leading younger ones, and adults are happy because the children in the family can go to the class together.

Each child participates at his or her own developmental level in singing, moving chanting, listening, observing or exploring musical instruments.  Parents or caregivers join with the teacher to create a musical experience for the children.

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Tuition for all Music Together classes includes family materials to use at home (e.g., recordings of our award-winning music, illustrated songbook, parent education resources). See individual class type pages for details.

Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Tuition  
Wed at 11:00 AM starts 11/20/19 ~ 0-5y11m Stephanie Buffa Miller Place: Marchand's School of Dance $0.00 Register!
Fri at 10:00 AM starts 11/22/19 ~ 0-5y11m Gabrielle (Gabby) Henderson Miller Place: Marchand's School of Dance $0.00 Register!
Tue at 5:15 PM starts 11/19/19 ~ 0-5y11m Marie Kaminski Port Jefferson Village Center $0.00 Register!
Wed at 5:30 PM starts 11/20/19 ~ 0-5y11m Marie Kaminski Port Jefferson Village Center $0.00 Register!
Tue at 10:30 AM starts 11/19/19 ~ 0-5y11m Marie Kaminski Wading River - All Star Dance Academy $0.00 Register!
Sat at 10:00 AM starts 11/23/19 ~ 0-5y11m Fran Bursztyn Ridge - Middle Island Presbyterian Church $0.00 Register!