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Summer Front Yard Jams


What's a Summer Front Yard Jam?

Exactly what it sounds like!: We sing, dance, and your front yard (or driveway or front porch! :), while maintaining physical distancing guidelines!  Choose a few favorite Music Together® songs, we’ll show up near your front yard/curbside to SING...&...JAM.. for 15 - 20 the Music Together-style you know and love!  If you don't know any or can't narrow it down, don't worry, we have plenty of songs in our back pockets that will get your toes tapping and your family jamming!

Some things to note: 

  • While distancing guidelines are in effect there is ZERO contact between us and your family. 

  • We don't come inside your home. We sing on the sidewalk or driveway while maintaining a 12-foot distance. (mask will be worn until seated and ready to start)

  • We book one family per time slot for $25.

    **Small group Singalongs available (up to 3 families who you choose)!  2 families $48 / 3 families $70 - Contact us to arrange!

  • We don't bring instruments or props to share. Please use your favorites from inside your house! Something to shake, swish & something to click or tap are good to start - creativity is fine - anything can be a drum.

  • If your child comes toward us during the jam session...not to worry!  We will stand up and back up, giving you time and space to scoop 'em up. However, we have found that they're more in awe that we're there than curious about what we’re playing!

  • You do NOT need to be a current or formerly enrolled family to sign up for a Front Yard Jam! If you're new - we have a great selection of songs we can pick from!


  • Choose a Day (Mon or Wed) and 3 hour TIME FRAME. (NOTE: Each day has a specified AREA for availability) Once we have locations of all families within that time frame, we can work together to get to each person’s house with the smartest driving pattern.

  • Register 1 child and write the following in the comments section: 

    • Name of any siblings

    • A possible specific time (ex. “11:30am works best for our family”)

    • Your child's 4 favorite Music Together songs (don't worry if you don't include them, we have an ongoing list in our back pocket at the ready!)

 ** We will be in touch the day before your Sidewalk Singalong to narrow down your time and get your song choices! **

**Please note once your time has been confirmed we can not make any adjustment and there is no refund if you cancel. 

Schedule your jam session below - appointments are filling up!

***WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR OUTDOOR SPACES TO HOLD CLASS SESSIONS - Have a lead or interested in Hosting?  Get in touch! 

**PLEASE NOTE - This offering is NOT a Music Together Class & does not include materials!

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