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Babies Music Class

Offered Fall / Winter / Spring Semesters (6 Weeks + 2 weeks Semester) - BABIES love music & every child’s development benefits from early exposure to music and movement.

Because the early months are so important, Music Together offers two options for babies ages 8 months and younger.  A Special BABIES ONLY Class  or Babies are also always welcome to attend a Mixed Ages Class, whether registered on their own or attending free with an older brother or sister.

Parents with infants may choose to register for the special “Babies Class,” which is offered as a one-semester introduction to Music Together, after which babies will attend mixed-age classes. Session includes 6 weeks of “Babies Only” plus 2 weeks at end of semester with scheduled attendance at a mixed age class.  The music activities and materials are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in babies. Meet other parents of newborns and learn some fascinating music activities you can recreate at home with your baby. 

Parent Testimonial:

"Taking the music together babies class was one of the best things I’ve done for both myself and my son. While scrolling through Facebook one night while I should have been getting sleep that I desperately needed I came across an ad for the music together babies demo class. I had previously done a music together class with my older son the summer before he started preschool so I had an idea of what I was signing up for. I showed up the next day for class, laid my 3 month old down on a blanket and met three other moms and their babies. We started singing. My son had a smile on his face, he was kicking his legs and moving his arms like he was dancing laying down. Of course it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I had a great time also! I immediately signed up to take the weekly classes. I left class each week in such a good mood and energized ready to tackle the rest of the week. The music together babies class helped deepen the bond between me and my newborn.  We were singing, dancing and just having a fun time together.  We used the music outside of class also. If there was a meltdown happening in the car we would pop in our music together CD and he would instantly stop crying. It was like magic! I formed friendships and still to this day take music together classes with those three other moms I had met that first day of the babies music together class. Music together is a huge part of our lives and I am so thankful to have come across the music together babies class that one night when I really should have been asleep." 

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**Special discounted tuition for this class only (6 week session) - $145

Normal registration fee of $20 for new families is WAIVED for this class only. 

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Tuition for all Music Together classes includes family materials to use at home (e.g., recordings of our award-winning music, illustrated songbook, parent education resources). See individual class type pages for details.

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